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ISIS Secret Bunker found in Iraq Sinjar

An artificial cave militants ISIS found underground in in Sinjar ,Iraq .Mass grave was covered with a pile of mattresses function as a silencer . This makes the terrorists hide and move without sound and detected by the security forces . Hundreds of ammunition , computer equipment , and various other uses are found in it .The hideout was found after the city had taken over the Kurdish forces of ISIS.

Some pictures showed Iraqi security forces along with Kurdish forces entered the cave filled sandbags to hold back the soil structure that does not collapse when hit by a bomb .The cave has a long hallway , and along the tunnel electrified . Not only that , they built the recesses as the terrorists bed .A number of holy books and medical supplies lying on the floor , covered with dust .According to the commander of Kurdish forces , Shamo Eado , there are 40 tunnels found in the underground city of Sinjar.

ISIS Secret Bunker found in Iraq Sinjar
 " ISIS has been digging the soil and create holes hiding to avoid air strikes . Not only that , they can move freely under the ground without being seen , to store weapons and explosives , " said Eado as reported from , Thursday ( 26/11 / 2015 ) .

"This is their armory , " he added further .
Caves and tunnels that were built after the ISIS master Sinjar last year. Sinjar is a minority Yazidi live.Many of them were killed, taken prisoner and his object of abuse, while the elderly were shot dead.Terrorists ISIS build fortifications in Raqqa. The city was used as a de facto capital city of the deadly group.
Shortly after the group said that Raqqa is the capital of ISIS, the French military bombarded the city with 22 bombs. The terrorists were soon building more underground bunkers since the air strikes carried out.ISIS not only digging make terowogan and bunker. But they require men aged over 14 years to become soldiers or die. Telecommunications networks and the Internet population was disconnected. 

After the air raid by Russian and French, ISIS revenge - given their claims - by shooting down aircraft belonged to the Russian civil aviation Metrojet and a series of terror in Paris 13 November. Witnesses said ISIS often using 'human shields' in Raqqa since Russia and coalition forces bombarded the ISIS. (Rie / Ein) *

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

3D printing offers specialists some assistance with planning life-sparing operation

A 3D-printed model of the veins inside a lady's cerebrum has offered specialists some assistance with practicing life-sparing surgery. The specialists expected to work to adjust a shortcoming, or aneurysm, in a vein inside the persistent's head. Outputs of the aneurysm uncovered that the typical methodology specialists would take to alter it would not have worked. 3D printing is progressively discovering a part in drug to either offer specialists some assistance with preparing before completing methodology or to make prosthetics.

The 3D model uncovered the turns and turns in the cerebral veins
Plastic tissue

In the wake of anguish vision issues and repetitive migraines, New York state occupant Theresa Flint was determined to have an aneurysm that, if left untreated, would have demonstrated lethal. An aneurysm is a protruding vein brought about by a shortcoming in a conduit divider that dangers bursting.

The typical approach to treat such issues is to embed a metallic crate that reinforces the corridor divider, said Dr Adnan Siddiqui, boss medicinal officer at the Jacobs Institute in Buffalo, New York, who coordinated the treatment.

Then again, outputs of the frail vein uncovered this methodology would not work, Dr Siddiqui told the BBC.

"It was a difficult issue from the point of view that she had a to a great degree sporadic cerebrum aneurysm that would be dubious to treat with small scale surgery," he said.

The outputs demonstrated that the veins were extremely turned and, subsequently, exceptionally hard to reach.

"There are a few shared traits between every person," said Dr Siddiqui, "however by the day's end our vascular tree is as diverse as our fingerprints."

3D-printed organs, for example, this heart help preparing by mirroring the surfaces of human organs
To offer the specialists some assistance with working out the best approach, the sweeps taken of Ms Flint's mind were transformed into a 3D model with the help of 3D-printing pro Stratasys.

It made an imitation constructed of a polymer that copies human tissue permitting the specialists to arrange their methodology and practice the operation.

"While we were doing that taunt technique we understood that we needed to change a percentage of the apparatuses we needed to utilize, given her life structures," said Dr Siddiqui.

"The day of surgery came and we experimented with precisely what we thought would work best," he said, including that Ms Flint had "done incredible" since the aneurysm was adjusted.

Dr Siddiqui said 3D printing was progressively being utilized to arrange strategies and make models of human life structures that give specialists a superior thought of what they will experience amid an operation. Numerous doctor's facilities have now settled associations with 3D printing firms to offer surgical some assistance with staffing.

"It may not be required for the lion's share of routine cases," he said, "however here its assistance was unlimited."

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

At the point when solid structures make individuals distraught

Post-war structural engineering is cherished by some and detested by numerous. A progression of fights is occurring over the UK about whether to save certain solid structures. Which ones have isolated conclusion the most? The decimation of a noteworthy building more often than not incites solid responses. This is particularly genuine in the event that it happens to be a building that was outlined in the years after World War Two. Brutalist structures specifically produce warmed open deliberation. The crude solid manifestations from the engineering development of the 1960s and 1970s regularly confront the danger of destruction.

Admirers of post-war innovation have organized standard crusades to get their most loved structures recorded before the destroying balls arrive. Be that as it may, not every one of them are fruitful. The Hyde Park Military quarters is the most recent to have its application rejected.Yet, even campaigners concur that not these structures merit sparing. The subject of which ones are justified regardless of the cash to save can bring about enraged contentions. Here are 10 of them :

Hyde Park Military enclosure

The Hyde Park Sleeping quarters was intended to oblige more than 270 stallions, and numerous people also
"I didn't need this to be a mimsy-pimsy building… It is for officers. On steeds. In protective layer," composed modeler Sir Basil Spence in 1971. "Mimsy-Pimsy" is not an expression regularly used to portray the encampment. The eight structures incorporate a 33-story dim tower hinder on the edge of Hyde Park, right amidst the absolute most costly properties in London. It was assembled to house the Family unit Mounted force Regiment and their 270 steeds. Supporters say that the building is a "legacy of the sure and showy 1960s". However, others have since quite a while ago contended that it watches strange. In a move that could be seen as a triumph for its faultfinders, its posting was can't. Engineers are as of now surrounding. Some have even discharged their thoughts of what another building could resemble.

"We live in a disposable society where we purchase stuff and if something turns out badly we throw it away," says John Glenday of The Rubble Club, a general public for engineers who have seen their structures demolished in their lifetimes. "As far as support and upkeep, it's very enticing just to explode some dynamite and uproot the building totally

Birmingham Focal Library
The library was known as a "solid magnum opus"
Ruler Charles portrayed it as resembling a spot "where books are burned, not kept". The old library was very opened in 1974 and was composed by Birmingham-conceived designer John Madin who kicked the bucket in 2012. It had been known as a "solid showstopper" and Notable Britain battled unsuccessfully to get it an Evaluation II posting. Crusading gathering Companions of the Focal Library likewise lost the fight to spare it and it's presently being annihilated. Another £189m library opened in the city's Centennial Square in September 2013.

There are the individuals who contend that the present influx of pulverization is putting a key some portion of history in peril. "We could lose that association with how individuals saw their future toward the end of World War Two," says structural history specialist Ellen Leslie. "There we were, in the 50s, 60s, and up to the end of the 70s, reestablishing ourselves after the war. What's more, needing to disregard the past and anticipating what's to come." "This was their method for mirroring their emotions," she includes

Plymouth Community Center

The building was because of be wrecked keeping in mind the end goal to spare cash
The middle is a sore point to numerous. The 15-story building was opened by the Ruler in 1962 and used to be the city's chamber workplaces. It was a vital piece of the arrangements to remake Plymouth from the rubble that World War Two deserted.Noteworthy EnglandEnglish Legacy have already asked for the entire of Plymouth downtown area to be secured. "The night of 21 Walk 1941 essentially devastated the whole focal point of the town and what happened a short time later was very visionary," said the CEO of Memorable Britain Simon Thurley at the time.

In any case, Plymouth City Chamber said that the Metro Center had turned out to be excessively costly, making it impossible to keep up. They included that the building was not satisfying its motivation and that modernizing it would cost millions.It was because of be obliterated yet Noteworthy Britain ventured in and it was conceded recorded status in 2007. It was sold to designers Urban Sprinkle not long ago. Their executive, Nathan Cornish, said it was an one of a kind building "set inside of the setting of an acclaimed post-war ground breaking strategy".

Coventry Sport Centre 

The elephant-molded building is confronting obliteration after a fizzled crusade to get it recorded.

It was finished in 1976 and is connected to a before building which has been as of now been secured. Campaigners say that it's vital to protect whatever number points of interest in Coventry as could be allowed in light of the fact that such a variety of more established structures were wrecked to the ground amid World War Two. In any case, it was chosen that the building needed "adequate structural legitimacy". A £36.7m swimming pool and relaxation focus is set to supplant it.

Preston Transport station 
The transport station was once voted the city's most loved building

Campaigners contended for quite a long time that the 1960s creation was "a standout amongst the most noteworthy Brutalist structures in the UK". It was once even voted as the city's most loved building.Regardless of this, it took three endeavors to get it recorded and it just barely kept away from destruction. Its Evaluation II posting was "not the result we were seeking after", as indicated by Preston City Chamber. They said it would cost more than £17m to modernize the station. However, Noteworthy Britain said that the "genuinely exceptional" building merited security.
Cumbernauld Town Centre

The strip mall, manufactured in the 1950s, was once voted as England's most loathed building in a television survey. The inside has been portrayed as a "rabbit warren on stilts". It has additionally been granted two Carbuncle respects for having Scotland's "most troubling" town focus.

In any case, the super structure was likewise recorded as one of 60 key landmarks of post-war structures in Scotland. The strip mall was extended in 2007 and Cumbernauld won the Best Town at the Scottish Configuration Honors in 2012. 

The historical center was first implicit the 1920s and afterward extended 40 years after the fact

Francis Pym won an opposition to expand the Belfast historical center in the 1960s. The outcome was applauded for its "brutal force". Be that as it may, commentators thought that it was oppressive. The contention proceeded in 2005 when a noteworthy restoration was declared. Some preservation gatherings communicated worry over the arrangements. The Ulster Legacy Society went similarly as saying that a further glass expansion would "truly debilitate [the building's] esteem". Be that as it may, the renovation proceeded and the exhibition hall revived on its 80th birthday.
Dudley Zoological Gardens

The zoo has the biggest single gathering of Tecton structures on the planet. These strengthened solid structures were outlined by The Tecton Bunch in the 1930s, drove by famous Russian designer Berthold Lubetkin. There are 12 altogether including the Polar Bear Complex and the Tropical Aviary.

In any case, the outlines went out of design. Commentators likewise started to raise creature welfare worries over the fenced in areas. The majority of the structures were too little and warming them appropriately was troublesome. Patios had likewise been made with the goal that individuals could look down onto the creatures yet it made a considerable lot of them apprehensive. A percentage of the structures fell into disregard. In the end, the zoo's construction modeling was pronounced an imperiled legacy site and it was put on a rundown close by Machu Picchu in Peru. It incited a huge remodel venture. The Bear Gorge fenced in area was saved after £1.5m of repairs. Alternate structures were incorporated into the present day creature walled in areas and put to new employments. 

Northampton Greyfriars bus station
The transport station had issues with mineral stalactites becoming inside

This 1970s building was once depicted as a "mouth of hellfire". It used to rule the city's horizon and was intended to draw in individuals to a close-by strip mall. Response to the station was said to be "blended" after it opened. Furthermore, the building was immediately tormented with issues, from mineral stalactites shaping inside the building to crude sewage spills.

The neighborhood board called it a costly blemish and had it wrecked not long ago. In around six seconds, more than 2,000 individual dangerous charges diminished the building to 22,000 tons of rubble. The Twentieth Century Society, which crusades to ensure post-war structural engineering, said that the destruction added to the myth that Brutalist structures were creatures. In any case, the chamber said that its evacuation would inhale new life into the territory.

Sheffield's Park Slope
The building was nicknamed "San Quentin" after the US jail

The contention about whether these pads are an outline symbol or solid blemish has been going solid for a considerable length of time. Its walkways were nicknamed "avenues in the sky" and it was said to be a standout amongst the most aggressive internal city advancements of the 1960s. However, as the years passed, it fell into decay. It was inevitably named "San Quentin" by a percentage of local people, after the famous US jail that was deified in a tune by Johnny Money.

Campaigners say that a large number of the solid stone monuments that sprung up after World War Two are being rebuked for their disregard. "Frequently they've been censured on account of administration and support issues instead of in light of issues in the genuine outline," says Henrietta Billings, senior protection counsel at the Twentieth Century Society.

The entire thing was recorded in the 1990s. Recovery organization Urban Sprinkle assumed control over its redevelopment in 2008. Stage one of the undertaking was assigned for the Stirling Prize, the Illustrious Organization of English Draftsmen's most noteworthy honor. In any case, others have been less enthused. As previous Liberal Democrat gathering pioneer Paul Scriven put it: "I'm still of the perspective that you can't clean a piece of poop, to put it obtusel.

UK plutonium stockpile is vitality in the bank

The UK is perched on a plutonium stockpile that speaks to "a huge number of years" of vitality in the bank, as indicated by a main atomic researcher.Tim Abram, teacher of atomic fuel innovation at the University of Manchester made the remarks at a preparation to talk about the destiny of the UK's plutonium.It is currently the biggest stockpile of common plutonium on the planet. The administration is yet to settle on its destiny, despite the fact that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) expressed an in 2013 inclination that it be re-utilized as fuel, as opposed to discarded. This is not an, in any case, a direct process; it requires new atomic reactors to be assembled that are equipped for utilizing plutonium as fuel.

Appraisals propose that the citizen burns through £80m a year to store it securely and prevent it from falling into the wrong hand
Full circle

Plutonium is extricated from reprocessed atomic waste, and was initially stockpiled as a wellspring of fuel to for another type of exploratory atomic reactors.Be that as it may, in the 1990s, the administration upheld system of exploration to add to these new reactors was wiped out, on both expense and wellbeing grounds.This left Sellafield putting away plutonium with no long haul arrangement for it.

Barrels containing atomic waste are put away in a pool to keep them cool before they are reprocessed at Sellafield
It additionally, to some degree humorously, put new atomic reactor innovation back on the administration's rundown of needs. DECC tasked the Atomic Decommissioning Power (NDA) with surveying the specialized, wellbeing and financial upsides and downsides of the three "believable" sorts of new era atomic reactor that would permit the plutonium to be utilized as fuel.

The NDA said it was still "in the center" of this confused conference.

"A choice is required to be made by priests on the most proficient method to continue amid 2015/16," the power said in an announcement."On the other hand, just when the Legislature is sure that its favored alternative could be executed securely and safely, in way that is reasonable, deliverable, and offers esteem for cash, will it be in a position to continue."

Teacher Abram included: "Having [a store of] isolated plutonium without a pronounced end use speaks to a poor worldwide sample."We ought to at any rate keep the procedure advancing and not give the impression to the world that we have slowed down."

Windows 10 dispatch is 'another time', says Microsoft manager

Windows 10 denote "another period" for individualized computing, Microsoft's CEO has said.

The product, dispatched all around on Wednesday, is the organization's endeavor to turn around its fortunes in the portable business. Windows 10 will be offered as a free move up to most buyers. In any case, organizations will need to pay for their form, as will PC-producers to pre-introduce it. Experts say the technique is intended to speed reception. Talking solely to BBC News, Satya Nadella said: "Windows 10 is a tremendous turning point for us as an organization, and beyond all doubt the business." Microsoft is stunning the discharge more than a few weeks, so not everybody will have the capacity to get the update on the dispatch day.

Last dispatch
Microsoft has up to this point discharged another rendition of Windows like clockwork.

Windows 10 will be the last dispatch of this kind, the organization said - from here on it will step by step upgrade the product for nothing over months and years.

Windows 10 is to be step by step upgraded for nothing
Mr Nadella said he trusted elements like advanced individual right hand Cortana - tantamount to Apple's Siri, and Google Now - would separate Windows 10.

"I'm truly amped up for Cortana," he said.

"I consider it [being] as significant as maybe the PC working framework.

"In the event that you consider our history in innovation, we've had ideas that have changed how individuals have interfaced with their figuring assets.

"One of them was a graphical client interface, the second was the program and the web. I consider Cortana the third stage."Talking about conceivable protection concerns, Mr Nadella targeted organizations like Google who use information to offer promoting.

"One of the foundational bits of making much else individual is trust," he said.

"We're not attempting to offer you promoting, we're attempting to indeed offer you programming or gadgets so you as a client can believe it, that it's chipping away at your benefit."I as a shopper may need to at times exchange off my information to get a free administration, and that is alright. Be that as it may, it's alternate clients of that same information - that is the place trust matters.

"I completely need Microsoft to be reliable. How buyers settle on decisions between organizations, I'll abandon it to them."

Arrangement A

Mr Nadella contended that future gadgets, as enlarged reality headset Hololens, would keep up the pertinence of Windows 10.The designer form of Hololens, which is put over a client's eyes and shows representation in their surroundings, is on course to be discharged inside of a year, Mr Nadella said. Customer variants of the product would take after at a later date.

The Hololens headset is to show design in the client's environment

However, Microsoft's poor reputation in portable means Mr Nadella has needed to change the association's core interest.

He has inclined up the organization's endeavors in making applications for opponent frameworks - Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Mr Nadella told the BBC this wasn't just "arrangement B" in the wake of falling so a long ways behind in the division.

"I don't think so. I think this is Plan A to me.

"I don't think about this as some zero-whole develop where our vicinity on different stages is detracting from the Windows environment. "On the off chance that anything, in case you're utilizing a great deal of Microsoft applications on these different stages, you may truth be told locate any of our gadgets really alluring in your life."

Examiners still see Microsoft's little vicinity in the versatile world as a genuine Achilles heel.

"Shoppers are investing the most energy in cell phone," said Geoff Blaber, a Silicon Valley-based examiner for CCS Insight. "This is Microsoft's huge, huge test, in light of the fact that they're just on 3% of cell phones. "They should be drawing in individuals on the portable screen to guarantee that their surfaces are being utilized as far and as generally as could be expected under the circumstances."

While the organization is still to make a little number of cell phones - two or three cell phones, and its Surface tablet-portable PC mixture - it has altogether brought down its desire in the zone. Not long ago, Microsoft discounted a year ago's $7.5bn (£4.5bn) procurement of Finnish versatile titan Nokia, while laying off a huge number of the workers it picked up from the telephone organization. The record brought about the organization's greatest ever quarterly misfortune. The arrangement was made by Mr Nadella's ancestor, Steve Ballmer.

Steve Ballmer's turn to obtain Nokia did not pay off as arranged
 Picture subtitle Steve Ballmer's turn to secure Nokia did not pay off as arranged  However, Mr Nadella declined to call the Nokia move a slip-up.

"That is not what to look like at it," he said.

"When you get and you unite substantial associations there is a sure measure of disastrous legitimization that happens."

Keeping devs upbeat

Windows 10 is muliti-stage - meaning basically the same programming can control PCs, cell phones, tablets, amusements consoles and wearables. Mr Nadella seeks this will demonstrate a motivator after engineers to plan programming for the framework.The past form of the working framework - Windows 8 - was so severely got the organization jumped making Windows 9 out and out trying to separation itself from its past viewpoint.

In the keep running up to dispatching Windows 10, Microsoft propelled its Insider Program - a plan which permitted a huge number of clients to test out new components and give input which was checked and followed up on by the group.

Beginning audits of the product have been certain.

Mr Nadella said: "We need Windows to go from where clients need it, to pick it... to cherishing it.

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